Gordon Freakman is the main character of Half-Life 2: Gordon Freakman, as well as the main antagonist in Kleiner-Life. He is famous for liking crowbars, scientists, Black Mesa, and stuff.

At the end of the first game, Freakman attacks the Beta Citadel. It was presumed that Freakman had killed Klinner. However, Kleiner survived the attack.

Events Edit

  • Critically injures Klinner and blows up the Beta Citadel at the end of the first game.
  • Revealed to be the antagonist in the second game.
  • Has a change of heart and decides to work with Klinner.
  • Assists Klinner in blowing up the Beta Citadel again.

Fate Edit

Kleiner-Life's ending is determined by the player. Freakman is either alive, or presumed dead, based on the player's choice. See Klinner's page for details about each ending.

Quotes Edit


- Freakman when anything happens

"Oh yey, let's do this."

- Freakman when starting a level